The summer is gone, and the fall season has set all around the world. While you may be sad because vacations are almost over by now, we have a great collection of books that will make you happy. Whether you are craving for a thriller or a murder mystery, or you might be looking for some butterflies in your stomach. We have made a wonderful collection of some of the best books that we believe will keep you excited this fall season. These books are from some of the best-selling and widely renowned authors who have impressed readers globally. Let’s look at the top books that teenagers should read this autumn break right away.

The Girls Are Never Gone

Written by one of the best thriller writers out there, Sarah Glenn Marsh made sure that this book delivers the chill that you were looking for. The story revolves around a girl who passed away thirty years ago at the Arrington Estate, and Dare Chase wants to find out what happened. As time passes by, Dare realizes that there is a lot more happening in and around the house than one can imagine. Some of these events are deadly. So, get ready to get inside a thrilling ride through these series of events.

Saira Zariwala is Afraid

The book is the story of Saira who is thrilled to receive a new phone, but she starts receiving messages from a person called Akaash. As the messages turn stranger, Saira’s irritation gives way to curiosity, and she sets out to find what is happening. She tries to discover how Akaash has disappeared and about his whereabouts since he was gone. Saira and a bunch of her friends take matters into their own hands only to realize that things have turned dark and sinister. What happens next? Will Saira find Akaash? Find it yourself.


The #1 New York Times bestselling author, Julie Murphy is back with a brand-new publication. Waylon Russell Brewer is an openly gay boy who is living in the small town of Clover City. His plan is to somehow manage a few more weeks before he can move to Austin with his twin sister, Clementine. But he later comes to realize that he should be focusing more on living his life at the very moment and not think about the future too much. We get a beautiful insight of Waylon’s journey and how he faces every challenge life throws at him with a tinge of positivity.

The Star Daughter

Shveta Thakrar made sure that we remain in a trance by the time we finish the book. The daughter of a mortal and a star, Sheetal is a secretive person. She tries to pretend that she is “normal” but when a very unfortunate incident puts her father in the hospital, she needs the full help of the stars to help him recover from the accident. You will be in awe to read about Sheetal’s quest to save her ailing father and how she travels to the celestial court and dark shadows. She is going to risk it all to bring her father back and lead a normal life again on this planet.

These are some of the best books that you can read this fall and keep yourself busy with the most popular books in town. Each of these books are available widely on many platforms, so you won’t find a problem acquiring them. 

The Yearbook, Not Here to be Liked, Gods and Monsters, Sisters of the Snake, and The Secret Life of Debbie. G. are some other books to check out. Let us know which one of these books you loved the most.