3idiots a movie anchored by Aamir Khan is kicking the Bollywood box office to set another big record. Why the movie touching high? The only reason—the movie is pinching the traditional education system. Touching the young generations heart.

The movie points to us and also to our parents to take care their generations as per their dream. Spend time to understand their motive. What they like, what they want to be, what they like to be, what they love to be, etc…

3idiots: Aamir Khan the Inspiring Icon for Indian Next Gen
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s previous movie Taare Zameen Par points out our parents failure to understand a child. Why can’t a child concentrate in his/her education? We think our child don’t have brain. We usually fail to understand our child. Why a child can’t do well in their education? Is it due to lack of brain or disease or something else. Actually our problem is we don’t concentrate on them. Basically, we thrust our dream into them.

Let me share one of my experience—few years back I was going to Bangalore by train. Next to me there was a guy from Kolkata. He was also going to Bangalore. Purpose—to join a reputed MBA institute. When I asked about his educational background, I was just shocked. He passed out Mathematics Honours with good grade from Jadavpur University, one of premier educational institute of India. Accidentally, I just asked him a question why was you joining MBA, not masters programme on Mathematics or Mathematics based further programme? He just answered, “there is no good market for Mathematics right now”. As per market scenario we customize our dream, not that what we dreamt before 🙂

In the movie 3idiots there is a good motivational dialogue:

“Don’t run for success, let the success chase you!”

In the movie 3idiots, our parents and education system are been blamed. But, if we look at ourself we may find out there is a big problem lying within us also. After completing our degrees we usually migrate to some other country for better future. In this regard whom to blame….? It may be our Government or ourself!

Rang De Basanti is another heart touching movie by Aamir Khan.

The story is about a British documentary filmmaker who is determined to make a film on Indian freedom fighters based on diary entries by her grandfather, a former officer of the British Army in India. Upon arriving in India, she asks a group of five young men to act in her film. They agree, but after they begin filming a friend of theirs is killed in a fighter aircraft crash, with government corruption appearing to be the root cause of the incident. This event radicalizes them from being carefree to passion-driven individuals who are determined to avenge his death. (courtesy: wikipedia)

So, whether it is 3idiots or Taare Zameen Par or Rang De Basanti all this movies of Aamir Khan directing India’s Next Generation to think in different way. Through these following movies he  is portraying himself as you and me. He is Inspiring Icon for Indian Next Gen.

See, blaming can’t change the system at all. Whom to blame and whom to not. Everybody is associated. Corruption is within us. We the next generation, I mean India’s Next Generation will have to take the responsibility to change the whole system without hampering our culture.