5 FREE and best Online Storage sites for You

5 FREE and best Online Storage sites for You

Do you know? You can store your files like images, documents, music, videos, etc. online at FREE! of cost and later you can access those files from anywhere else. So, here is the solution. Company like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, etc. provides certain amount of non-chargeable secure free online storage, which are enough for personal purpose; I think.

Just have a glance who are offering how much:

Microsoft – Skydrive Google – Drive Dropbox Shared
7 GB 15 GB 2 GB 100 GB
[bs_button size=”normal” type=”success” value=”Sign Up” href=”http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/skydrive/download”] [bs_button size=”normal” type=”success” value=”Sign Up” href=”http://www.google.com/drive/about.html”] [bs_button size=”normal” type=”success” value=”Sign Up” href=”https://db.tt/yp4AlaHy”] [bs_button size=”normal” type=”success” value=”Sign Up” href=”https://shared.com?ref=148521″]

Microsoft – Skydrive, Google – Drive, Dropbox and Shared provides all common features includes:

  • File storage and access
  • Access files on the go with app (iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone, Android, Mobile web)
  • Organize your files into folders and share them with friends
  • Private & Secure

but, Shared doesn’t provide on-the-go access of files right now (under beta).

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