“How to Setup WiFi in this Valentine Day for Loved One” — this leading title looking odd. May be! You could think of jewellery, clothes, watches, flowers, and lots more to gift in the lovely season, but why Wifi? In my sense it’s a next-gen thinking too. Why not! Today you gift Mobile to your lovely one then why not a Set-up Wifi. Mobile is also a wireless device. This could be a helpful for your loved one to be connected wireless all along the home.

Now it’s your turn to think differently!

So, what you need to Setup WiFi?

  1. Just check whether she have access of PC or Laptop.
  2. Check whether PC/laptop is WiFi ready. If not then buy a WiFi adapterFlipkart or Amazon is here to help you out.
  3. Now, have a 3g Router which will finish your WiFi set-up with 3G dongle or Broadband connection.