Why is Chicken so Popular in Kitchen?

My son can see a dinosaur in a chicken. That day when he was in our farm house, there were few brown , black , red hens running around. My five year old says that when they run around he can see a dinosaur around, yes quite an eye, looks similar I guess. Then came ” Master “with a loud noise aiming straight at my son. Master , was this big cock all meant for us. My son never came to see him again after that chase. Late evening the charcoal was ready and we were waiting to grill the show. Winter and chicken roast goes hand in hand. The fire on the open and that mouth-watering smell.A little grease and some home-made masala and what a taste it created. Full of protein, a must for kids. Initially my son was a little apprehensive but soon as the leg piece was there in his hands, his eyes glowed. Then I can see in him a hungry human who is actually ready to eat whatever that comes on his way. Yes the cycle was meant like that.

The facts on chicken you may not know.

Why is Chicken so Popular in KitchenChicken was majorly found in India,China and the south East Asia. Slowly it got domesticated and soon we started making “butter chicken” out of it. Chicken is very popular amongst kids. As against other meat they like it’s taste and smell. Fish gets easily destroyed and is too fussy with its bones. And you need to grow the taste for red meat thus chicken is very popular amongst kids.
We adults like it with wine or soda, whatever it has to be, but chicken. It gives us immense pleasure to hold that leg and put it in our mouth. Out of all the dishes the ”tandoori chicken” seems a favourite amongst the north Indians who just savour it on week end nights with some loud music and a glass to hold.

Why you like it

I personally like it simple. I have this recipe where I just fry the garlic, onion and chicken together in clarified butter and put some soya sauce and tomato sauce in the final go. Cook it covered in low – medium flame for around 30- 40 mins and it’s ready. Easy to cook and great in taste, hot or cold,it rules the kitchen.

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