We all know Google is the most famous search engine in todays market. Search engine specialist or webmasters are spending their time to know the position of their sites. They are doing this kind of job by analysing with different keywords manually or with software. Free Monitor for Google is a web promotion software. This software is useful for Search engine specialist and webmasters. This free software helps to find position of your site as against different keywords. Lets find out Free Monitor for Google key features,

  • It can monitor your sites Google web ranking (This is the feature through which you can monitor how each and every keywords related to your site is been ranked in Google)
  • It supports more than 50 countries different Google search engines (Rank of your site varies depending on the basis of different countries Google search engine. So, this feature shows different rank result in different country)
  • It supports more than one URLs (This feature helps you to find multiple sites rank respectively)
  • It can work via proxy
  • You can export result in CSV format (To analyze time by time changes in rank, keywords performance etc.)
  • You can import keywords from text file
  • It supports Unicode (With this feature you can check keywords in your own language)
  • It can work via Google Web API (It gives faster search result compared to default search method)

All this feature are coming integrated with this monitoring software for Google as FREE.