Today having web site adds extra in our professionalism. Its a window which shows up your presence towards world, whether you hold small or large business. Some of us is looking for a package which includes hosting, own domain name, webmail, blog, professional website templates, at affordable price. But its been found that a complete website package at big agency web design firm could cost around $10,000 or more. This much of money looks costly to small or new businesses. Now lets look at Flare9. Flare9 is a Website Builder which lets to create, expand, and control your own website. Flare9’s website package includes,

  • Website hosting with own choice of domain name
  • Easy to build/edit website with its WYSIWYG editor (this feature gives
    you freedom from all those HTML coding required to build web pages but
    delivers professional quality website in just a minute)
  • Unlimited high quality website templates (this package includes a huge collection of professional quality website templates)
  • XHTML and SEO compatible
  • Support of Google & YouTube video
  • Own integrated blog
  • Free email service
  • 5000MB of hosting disk sapce
  • 3000Mb of monthly data transfer
  • 24/7 support
  • And many more

Now guess how much it could cost? Whatever you have guessed. This package costs $299.95(one time setup) + $24(2years of domain registration, if required) + $39.95/mo. Really its a affordable package.