Each and everyday mobile phone users gets tons of SMS Ads from different advertiser. Sometime volume of SMS are such a big that it becomes irritating to users. And to stop those irritating ads, we sometime call or send SMS to our mobile service provider.

But, if SMS ads pays you money, then how would it sound? Great!

mgingerThis great idea came out from the brain of three Indian engineers, Chaitanya Nallan(CEO), Veerendra Shivhare(COO), Anil Sharma(CTO) and founded mGinger.com(ref). They are working on a great principle of “Permission Based Marketing“. That means, you get SMS ads as per your choice; like, your preference could be “Financial Products” or “Travel & Holiday “, maximum of 5 ads per day, between 9AM to 6PM. It is at your own control.

mGinger is a revolution because for the first time in Indian history, the users are asked for permission. The users are asked for their interests. The users are requested for a convenient time and convenient number of ads per day.

By, mGinger.com

Getting into mGinger is not a tough job. Go to mGinger.com(ref); sign up (restricted to only Indian resident) providing all the required information including your own cellphone number, give your ad preference and get started. Its FREE of cost.

Then a question arises, how will I make money from mGinger?

  • You get 20 paisa for every Ad received on your cellphone.
  • If you refer a friend, then you get 10 paisa when he receives an Ad on his cellphone.
  • If your friend refers another friend then you receive 5 paisa for every ad your friend’s friend receives on his cellphone.

And as your money gets accumulated of amount Rs.300/- you can request for a payment cheque. As you invite more friends and relatives your check amount gets bulky. 

mGinger not only lets you to make money but also helps you save money through discount coupons and offers. 

Although, this new way of advertisement is in beta stage, going to launch in full throttle within couple of month but mGinger’s founders have strong faith, claiming,

GROW YOUR NETWORK. TRUST US. We are going nowhere till we prove that this is the way to advertise.

quote: mGinger Blog

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