Here is detailed Cost of 4G Internet in India

4G is rolling out in India. Airtel has whistle blowed 4G launch in India in 296 towns. Airtel is offering its 4G service on all smart devices, including mobile phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi dongles.

Now, it’s your choice which way you will browse the internet whether you will use mobile phones or dongles or 4G hotspots or Wi-Fi dongles.

If you choose Mobile Phone, then how much will it cost?

The minimum cost of MobileCost of Data Plans
 4G compatible smartphone Redmi 2 will cost you Rs. 5999/-buy btn 1 b05fffbbminimum cost of 1GB Data Rs. 255/- (varies as per location)

If you choose Dongles or Wi-Fi dongles, then how much will it cost?

Cost of DongleCost of Data Plan
  • 4G Dongle will cost you Rs. 1500/- (right now promotional cost)
  • 4G WiFi Hotspot will cost you Rs. 2300/- (right now promotional cost)
minimum cost of 1GB Data Rs. 255/- (varies as per location)

If you choose 4G Home WiFi, then how much will it cost?

It connects to all your WiFi enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs and security systems and supports up to 32 devices.

Device CostCost of Data Plan
4G Home WiFi will cost you Rs. 2500/-minimum cost of 3GB Data Rs. 595/- (per month) as post-paid (varies as per location)

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