Scenario 1

You may own a big house and two of your room in ground floor used to be vacant most of the time and you are looking for rent it out for short period of time to traveling “Guests”.

Scenario 2

You may own a building or apartment or private villa and want it to list for vacation rentals or short term rentals to traveling “Guests”.

Here is the graphical representation of how does TravelMob works.


Create your profile on the Travelmob site. Showcase photos of your place and share what makes your place unique and set your availability. Reach out to the community once your profile is complete, potential guests can find your place on the site. Promptly answer any guest inquiries through the on-site messaging system.

Travelmob is a social marketplace where traveling “Guests” can locate and book cool places owned by local “Hosts” in the Asia Pacific including India. The unique places can be an extra cozy room, a cool loft or even a private villa. Guests can develop real connections with their hosts, live like a local and immerse themselves in the culture of their destinations.

So, Make money by renting a spare room or private villa to Traveller.

Image credit: scottchan for Search For Home stock image at freedigitalphotos.