How to Search Securely with NEW Encrypted Google Web Search

Google has introduced a feature in their search engine and that is Encrypted Google Web Search. This new step will let you search more securely and get rid of third-party data snoopers. Google also moved their encrypted search from to Although Google has already introduced SafeSearch to filter sexually explicit web sites and images from search results for schools, but this new development provides extra mile over Secured Web Search for both Schools and rest of searchers. The newly introduced Encrypted Google Web Search also solves the side effect of the SafeSearch lock feature, which usually blocks other services hosted at Google’s secure URL such as Google Apps and others.

How does “Google Secure Search over SSL” works?

As per Google: When you search on https://, an encrypted connection is created between your browser and Google. This secured channel helps protect your search terms and your search results pages from being intercepted by a third-party on your network.

You will also notice modified logo like this,

google encrypted web search
Google SSL Modified Logo

What lacks of NEW Google Secure Search over SSL?

Whenever you search over SSL you will notice there is no links to offerings like Image Search and Maps. Find the difference over here:

drawbacks of SSL google search
Image Search and Maps Missing
drawbacks of SSL google search 2
Without SSL Enabled Search

Reason: Encrypted Google Web Search is in Beta. Hope! to get out of beta soon 🙂

How to activate Encrypted Google Web Search?

For Chrome: Right-click on the address bar and select “Edit search engines”. “Add” search engine and follow as per the instruction below,

How to add SSL Google Search
How to add SSL Google Search

Now, to activate Google Search over SSL just click “Make Default”. Thats all 🙂

For Firefox: Type in your Firefox address bar: about:config, Inside of the filter search box, type in: keyword.URL Double-click on keyword. URL and change the value to

image firefox SSL Google Search
Firefox Configuration: SSL Google Search

Restart Firefox.

For IE: Click on Search Bar arrow. A box opens, then click—Find more providers…, Now, find Create your Own option box and insert URL as , and Name it as desired. And click Install. Another dialog box “Add Search Provider” opens, select Make this default option and click Add provider.

image add search providers to IE
Add Search Providers To IE
inks to offerings like Image Search and Maps

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