In November 2007 search engine giant Google had spanked every blogger’s PageRank back to zero, who are using PayPerPost or any other paid post module.

This was really sad news. In response to Google’s decision IZEA(formerly PayPerPost) had commented in its community blog IZEA Blogs as,

It is no coincidence that Google has gone after some blogs that utilize PayPerPost and many of our competitors services. We offer a very attractive alternative to AdSense and are leading a charge to provide real monetization for everyday bloggers. Unlike the Google AdSense black box, we are palms up when it comes to revenue share and give bloggers the lions share of advertising dollars that they deserve.

I find it laughable that high profile bloggers like TechCrunch aren’t being penalized in the same way. Perhaps it’s the fact that they use AdSense. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are silicon valley insiders and are invited to special Google events. Either way I don’t see the difference between a sponsored post in our system or this sponsored post. Both are paid for, neither use no-follow.

courtesy: IZEA Blogs

Google’s PageRank system should be unique for everyone, as per Google’s explanation regarding, Why should I report paid links to Google?.

In regard of IZEA’s protest against this Google’s PageRank spank, IZEA Fires Back at Google with IZEARanks. IZEARank is a blog ranking system which provides more accurate statistical data such as PageViews, Unique Visitors, RealRank as Weekly Average and Daily.

And Recently IZEA team has created a video to raise awareness of Google’s spanking of bloggers. Here is the video.

It has been heard that Google is becoming polite to PayPerPost Blogger and Google Said To Be Updating PageRanks Again.