OIOpublisher a revenue generating auto-pilot system for blogger, which helps blogger to keep 100% revenue generated from advertisement by cutting out middleman from the channel.

Here middleman denotes to those network through which a blogger gets lead of advertisement. I mean ReviewMe, PayPerPost, Text Link Ads, etc. This type of advertising network takes out some percentage of the sale of being just middleman. So, 100% revenue doesn’t goes to bloggers pocket.


From the above drawback OIOpublisher had came up with an innovative system back in 2007, where advertiser and publisher (blogger) can engage in advertisement deal without any middleman interference. OIOpublisher‘s platform basically gets integrated with hosted  WordPress blog as a widget(need to install a plug-in), through which a blogger can offer different types of advertisement space such as,

  • Text-link ads
  • Review
  • Inline ads
  • Banner ads

with greater control of customization. If you don’t won hosted WordPress platform then OIOpublisher also offers hosted marketplace through which you can engage in advertisement deal.

At launch time OIOpublisher came up with few features, but today this platform has added lots of new value added features such as,

  • Affiliate Sales (allows your blog reader to get benefited from affiliate sales)
  • Social Blogging (create group and start discussion)
  • Jobs Board (respond to advertisers articles or reviews that they require and get benefited)

And going to add more features in future like,oiopub

  • Ad Network (Direct sales through CPC)
  • DigiZine Publications (Content monetization)
  • User Networking (More value addition to user profile)
  • BlogOffs (a better contest platform)

etc. and which are sound to be more beneficial for blogger.

At the launch time OIOpublisher had given opportunity to register and utilize the whole system at free of cost, but today to utilize the complete system costs $37.

This might look costly, but whichever service OIOpublisher offers through its system is less expensive as per my experience.

What do you think?