Lights off your Twitter profile for the WWF Earth Hour 2010

Social Media giant Twitter is now included in Switch Off mode on 27th march 2010 at 8:30PM (local time). The initiative of, “Global “lights off” on Twitter for the WWF Earth Hour ’10” is taken by WWF Norway.

This Twitter application will automatically turn the lights off on your Twitter profile picture for Earth Hour, which takes place on 27th March 8:30pm (local time).

How to Join “lights off” on Twitter for the WWF Earth Hour ’10?

  1. Browse over
  2. Choose your time zone (GMT)
  3. Click the Twitter button

Thats all.

How will your support through Twitter be aired?

  1. One automatic tweet about your support
  2. At Earth Hour (27th of March, 8:30pm):
    • Lights automatically switch off in your profile picture!
    • One automatic tweet about the start of Earth Hour.

Show off your support via Twitter “Lights Off” initiative.

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