Michael Jackson died and within few days he left big footprint over the Internet. On 25th June when the news “Michael Jackson died” aired, that rocked the whole world. This breaking news thrashed the Web and News media. Lets see what happened,

  • TMZ first broke the news of “Michael Jackson Dies“.
  • News sites found huge online traffic spike.
  • Google misunderstood and interpreted Michael Jackson’s death as an “attack”.
  • Twitter, YouTube and iTunes went mad.
  • Yahoo! grabbed 800,000 clicks within 10 minutes of published news, “Michael Jackson rushed to hospital”.

So, this were the few things which I sorted among lots of hot catching news.

Now, the Michael Jackson Memorial Day is scheduled on Tuesday 7th July, 2009 at the Staples Center,

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Los Angeles. There was another crashing news heard, staplescenter.com the only source of ticket distribution service for Michael Jackson Memorial Day. It’s server jammed with huge traffic and mostly inaccessible due to millions of fans are thronging around among 17,500 free tickets for the memorial day.

Will 7th July will be much hotter than the 25th June?

“Michael Jackson Died”, this was a breaking news and the very acceptable fact is breaking news always unpredictable. We have seen a huge crush on Web and News media. Relating to this I’ve found a debate at CNET that titled as, “Debate: Can the Internet handle big breaking news?”.  The very first line of the debate continue as,

It happens time and time again: when news breaks, the Internet slows.

Now, the 7th July will be much hotter than the 25th July also unpredictable. Whether it would be another Crushing day for Internet?