Hey! lets do some charity. This unique charity program doesn’t ask for money, but ask to answer the right meaning of words. If your answers are right, then 20 grains of rice will be donated to the United Nations World Food Program. It might look funny but have strong motivation to help hungry people around the world. Yeah! I am talking about FREE Rice. FREE Rice is a not-for-profit sister site of Poverty.com, which is founded by John Breen.

If you play this noble vocabulary game you will be benefited from the different angle, like

  • First of all, it will let you donate rice grains to hungry people, and that’s the big motivation for playing this game.
  • Secondly, it will help you strengthen your vocabulary skill, which has numerous benefits for our day-to-day life in different aspects.

As per FREE Rice—”FreeRice.com began on 7 October 2007. The amount donated for each correct answer was increased from 10 grains of rice to 20 grains on 28 November 2007″.

Now, one question may arise—if I play this game, then how come money generated to buy rice for hungry people?

Answer: If you play this game you will notice advertisements appear on the bottom of your screen, this advertisement helps to generate money for the grain of rice, and later on, those collected grains of rice donated to United Nations World Food Program.

To know more about this program never forget to visit its FAQ.

So, what next? Just play the game and donate grains of rice for a noble cause of ending World Hunger.